Catering & Hospitality

W.W. Giles can source quality, competitively priced meat products to meet your requirements. The business provides a fast, reliable, professional service that is well suited to the demands of clients in the Catering & Hospitality industry.

How W.W. Giles can Help Your Catering & Hospitality Business

Product Requirements

Whatever the size of your business we can work with you to find the best and most competitive meat products for your requirements. All primal cuts can be sourced and we can also prepare and process prior to supply.

Quality Assurance

You can be certain of the quality of our products. W.W. Giles only imports from producers and suppliers that it trusts to consistently and reliably deliver quality products that can be traced from 'farm to fork'. The company is ISO 22000:2005 certified.

Professional Support

The team at W.W. Giles are experienced at dealing with customers in the Catering & Hospitality sector and can work with you to achieve the standards and compliance requirements that are critical to your business.

Reduce Inventory Costs

W.W. Giles can manage logistics, storage and shipping to reduce the time and costs incurred by you, holding your own inventory in-house.

Bespoke Service

Whether for one-off requests to fill unexpected gaps in supply or for long-term strategic contracts, W.W. Giles is set up to manage each proficiently. Large or small, W.W. Giles work hard to ensure all orders are delivered exactly on time.