Wild Venison from New Zealand

Venison, food of kings and noblemen. It is thought red deer migrated to the UK from continental Europe during the stone age. Archaeological remains show wild red deer have been a staple part of the British diet for literally thousands of years. Red deer were such an important part of the British diet they were brought to New Zealand along with the earliest settlers, with the first successful release sponsored by Lord Petrie, from his herd in Thorndon Park in Essex in 1851.

With no natural predators red deer flourished in New Zealand’s ideal temperate climate. Today red deer are distributed throughout the native and introduced forests of New Zealand.

White Cloud Wild red venison is specifically sourced from the Raukumara forest and its surrounds, on the East coast of the North Island of New Zealand. The Raukumara forest is home to a healthy population of large red deer. Red deer have become so successful they are putting pressure on the natural balance of the native forest in the region. First Light Venison, along with its certified deer recovery partners established White Cloud venison in response to the need to protect the regions native fauna, while harvesting this beautiful natural meat. Animals are harvested in small batches, by specialist helicopter deer recovery operators. Once shot, they are taken to an abattoir and processed under New Zealand government veterinary supervision. A range of cuts are packed under White cloud brand and exported to our British partner WW Giles, closing the loop for the pleasure of today’s discerning British consumer.